Tuesday, 18 February 2014

22 February 1764 - Song Collector Alexander Campbell's 250th Birthday!


born 22.2.1764 

I've written and talked and blogged about Alexander Campbell so much over the past eight or nine years that I hardly need to go over his biography again today.  However, it would be shabby not to mention his 250th birthday on Saturday 22nd February.  His was a fascinating life. He dabbled in many things, and didn't achieve particular greatness, but he left a pile of published writings and Scottish music.  

To celebrate his birthday, he surely merits a cake. And perhaps a cognac, since I know he appreciated good cognac!

You can read about Campbell at length in my book, Our Ancient National Airs: Scottish Song Collecting from the Enlightenment to the Romantic Era.  You'll also find further writing on my Academia.edu pages.

I arranged some of his songs from Albyn's Anthology for my book-launch, and I have since been fortunate enough to get some good recordings of the pieces by a Cambridge saxophone ensemble called Saxual Healing:-
Jo Currie's book, Mull: the Island and its People, contains a big chunk from Campbell's Hebridean song-collecting diary (the time he spent on Mull, specifically) - I warmly commend it to you.