Wednesday, 13 November 2013

True Imaginary Friend Hugh Cameron Drags me into the Limelight

Remember I mentioned Hugh Cameron, the 18th century owner of a little fiddle tunebook that turned up in Greenock a few months ago?  Well, after I'd been to see the fiddle tunebook bearing his signature, Inverclyde's press officer and archivist got their heads together and decided the manuscript would make an interesting centrepiece for a 'get to know your archives' week this autumn.  I was asked if any of the music was suitable for a group of senior school pupils to play.  The book contained only tunes, not harmonies, so I set a couple of pieces for string trio, and thought nothing more of it.  Until a couple of weeks ago, when I had a phonecall asking if I would mind attending a press-call.

Which explains how yesterday morning saw me huddled on a very rainy railway platform, heading for Inverclyde.  In due course, the string-players played, the archivist and I were photographed and filmed, and with any luck we'll appear in the Greenock Telegraph on Friday, not to mention any other media that the Press Association might distribute us to.  Let me know if you catch a glimpse of us!

The Scotsman - Mystery songbook from 1709
Inverclyde Council - Rare Songbook at Centre of Archive Treasure Trove 
Greenock Telegraph - Greenock Songbook was unheard for 200 years
BBC iPlayer Radio Scotland Newsdrive - halfway through the programme at 56'23"

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