Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Evidence of a Tidy Mind

The National Archives people ask how we keep our research ... well, this is my physical storage system.

Then there are all the files on my computer, the shared projects shared on Wordcloud, and my Mendeley bibliography.  Which is not my sole bibliography, actually.  I also have extensive Diigo links accessible by all my e-devices.

* and yes, that IS a bagpipe chanter, top right.  A whim, which I didn't carry through - I bought it when I was writing up my doctoral thesis.  Not good timing.


  1. Hi, I'm enjoying your travels with John Callander, someone who I am quite interested in as I've crossed his path a few times in my research. My reason for being in touch is twofold, have you ever came across a picture of John Callander as I would very much like to see what he looked like? and secondly, the next time he's at your elbow, could you ask him how did he sign his name?
    many thanks, Stewart.

  2. It's great to hear someone else has come across Mr Callander! I'm really interested to know what your research is about! I am in touch with a descendant, and I could ask him these questions, if you like. Please could you email me so I have a means of contacting you that way? You should be able to find my email on the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland website via the library.