Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Whoa! Excessive Writing Alert

 I was flushed with success when my Musical Times article was followed only a week later by the publication of my article on the Maclean-Clephanes of Torloisk, in the International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music.  (This is a Croatian journal, but mercifully published in English.)  Nothing breeds success like success, so ...

I wrote an article for a librarianship magazine over the weekend, and finished off my cello quartet.  Since then - apart from going to work and the usual family domesticities - I've finished formatting the cello quartet, uploaded it to SoundCloud, sent out two more articles to online journals and written a piece about my copy of Ritson's Scotish Songs, for submission to another online website.

All this was, admittedly, a bit tiring.  But all would have been well if I'd been allowed a decent night's sleep last night.  That didn't happen, so today has been somewhat surreal as a consequence.

When will I learn to pace myself?  

I still have a talk to polish for Friday, and then substantial article revision and two encyclopedia articles to do this summer.  Oh, and work on the saxophone quartet to make it more suitable for sax choir.  That's going to be fun, but I won't start until I'm actually on holiday leave, to ensure I have enough time to do it justice.

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