Friday, 14 June 2013

Campbell's Episcopal Chapel is utterly gorgeous inside!

A very tasteful conversion into financial offices has retained the interior recogniseably as a former chapel, galleries and all.  I'm very grateful to Dr Stuart Eydmann for sourcing these pictures for me - readers of this blog will recall my excitement when I found the building a few months ago, but didn't have the courage to go in.

It's so light and airy - still an elegant interior.   I'm very happy!

Here's the weblink that Stuart sent me from an exhibition about the architect, Playfair.  It depicts the church building as it is now, inside and out, but also a mansion he designed - Belle View.  Sadly it's no longer there.
This weblink, incidentally, is from, and I'm delighted to acknowledge my gratitude for these fantastic images. Stuart has since sent me images of what the poor old chapel looked like before its renovation.  I'll get these uploaded soon, so you can see what a great job the refurbishment has been.


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