Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Peaks and Troughs: the Emerging Scholar Emerges

Sometimes, it feels as though I'm not getting "out there" enough, research-wise.  And then suddenly, WHAM! I find myself charging about like a wild thing.  A controlled wild thing, that is.

In the next ten days I have two university lectures (one still to revise for next week), a book launch, and a conference paper - plus a second launch at the conference.  And our son's 17th birthday - I couldn't forget that!

On reflection, it's a good thing I have a Sunday off from organ-playing on 28th April.  I might just don my nicest nightie and stay in bed for the day.  My menfolk can all wait on me hand and foot if they're so inclined.  Otherwise, it won't hurt me to starve for a day - I could do with losing a few pounds.

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