Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Closer, Closer - the Birth of a Book

Our Ancient National Airs:
Scottish Song Collecting from the
Enlightenment to the Romantic Era /
Karen McAulay, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, UK

  • Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain 
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I got not one, but two emails from Ashgate today.  One sending me a flyer for promoting my book, and the other telling me that my complimentary copies will be sent out in a few days.  It really is happening, and  my book will be published on the 18th March 2013.  We're having a book-launch at my workplace, the Whittaker Library at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, on Friday 26th April at 4 pm - a short talk, and musical illustrations by some of our star students, and two of my best friends.

The flyer reads as follows:-
Karen McAulay traces the complex history of Scottish song collecting,
and the publication of major Highland and Lowland collections.
Looking at sources, authenticity, collecting methodology and
format, McAulay places these collections in their cultural context.
Attention is given to some of the performance issues raised, either in
correspondence or in the paratexts of published collections; and the
narrative is interlaced with references to contemporary literary, social
and even political history as it affected the collectors themselves.
Most significantly, this study demonstrates a resurgence of cultural
nationalism in the late nineteenth century.
Contents: Introduction; ‘Never hitherto published’: preserving the
Highland heritage; ‘The aera of Scotish music and Scotish song is
now passed’: Lowland song collecting, c. 1780-1800; ‘To take down
a melody’: travel in pursuit of song; ‘Leaving the world to find out
whether they are old or new’: invention or fakery?; ‘Which many a
bard had chanted many a day’: paratextual imagery and metaphors in
Romantic Celtic song collections; Illustrations and notes: Stenhouse’s
and Hogg’s quest for origins, c. 1820; Increasing the knowledge
and improving the taste, c. 1830-1850; ‘The feelings of a Scotsman’
and the illusion of origins in the later 19th century; Conclusion;
Appendices; Bibliography; Index.

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March 2013
294 pages

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