Friday, 22 February 2013

Alexander Campbell's Birthday: 249 years young today!

Happy birthday, Sandy!  (I feel we know each other well enough for me to use your familiar name now.  At least, I know you well enough.)

Today, I was in Edinburgh for a course at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.  (I am looking for tips to make my book-launch the most memorable event it can possibly be!)   While in a decidedly chilly Edinburgh, I managed to fit in a brisk walk up the road to Roxburgh Place, where I stood solemnly, looking decidedly suspicious, peering through the windows of a financial services agency to see if there were ANY interior reminders of the building's original Episcopal church status.  I think there was an arched church-type window at the far back, but the whole floor was divided up into office spaces, so it was hard to tell.  One or two snowflakes fell as I stood there, and I didn't hang around too long!
So, THIS was where Alexander Campbell was organist!  I stood on flagstones that he probably trod every Sunday.  This is my kind of history.  I took photos, obviously.  What I didn't realise until I got home this evening was that today is actually his birthday - he was born in Perthshire, 22 February, 1764.  Call me a sloppy sentimentalist, but I think it's a lovely coincidence that I found his church today of all days.

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