Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Distracted (but not yet abstracted) Mind

Okay, I've tried to acess the Golden Pages conference website - but I can't persuade it to register me, and without registering myself, I can't register the conference either.  So, in a word, I'm stuck.

Let's look at the problem from another angle.  If I can't register the conference right now without human intervention, then maybe I should concentrate on writing my own abstract for submission to the conference.

Here's what I thought: if I start with the premise that every generation or so, there's a new book about Scottish music, then I can go back through the generations to the Scottish Enlightenment, and talk about William Tytler and John Callander.  One wrote a dissertation, and the other failed to produce a book.

There's no recorded link between the two, though they would undoubtedly have known one another.  However, what interests me is what determined that one would become an authoritative source, and the other would remain unwritten.  A case of 'Cometh the hour, cometh the man'?

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