Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hebridean bluestockings

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Way back in 2009, before I submitted my thesis, I spent some time following up the song- and tradition-collecting activities of some early bluestockings on Mull.  They got a mention in the thesis, and subsequently got much more of a mention in an essay that I wrote, devoted to their lives and musical activities.  The essay was for a competition, but - well, our team didn't win.

Undeterred, I submitted it to a scholarly journal.  Again, our team didn't win.  Indeed, our team was somewhat savaged this week, and that hurt.  However, although I could see what some of the objections were, I remain convinced that there's a home for it somewhere.  Accordingly, I've revised it again, but I woke this morning with one of those convictions-that-happen-overnight:

I need more information.

I've taken steps to track it down, so now I must wait patiently to see if it's traceable.  The other thing I need to do is check out future destinations for these ladies.  I've come across a journal that looks potentially suitable, but there's no harm in checking with friends who've already published there.

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