Friday, 13 July 2012

Two weeks' holiday - fine time to get an idea!

I came across another Victorian Scottish songbook the other day - The Thistle, by Colin Brown and James Merrylees.  A bit of investigation revealed an indirect link with Strathclyde Uni.  SuperSleuth was off like a greyhound out of the hatch.

Which led to an idea for a paper.  I'm halfway through it - my evenings have seen me clattering away at the laptop - so, isn't it a good thing I've got a fortnight's holiday starting tonight?  I did have to buy a couple of old books on Amazon - luckily, inexpensive ones.

But if my book is published next year, it would - theoretically - be good to have other writing published around the same time.  So, there's good reason for this paper; I just need to get it written and submit it.  I have a target audience in mind ...

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