Sunday, 15 July 2012

More Victorian Friends

Colin Brown (Rob Allan's site on harmoniums &c)
Oh, my! I've acquired some more Victorian song-collecting friends.  Introducing Colin Brown and James Merrylees of late nineteenth-century Glasgow: they were Euing Lecturer and esteemed alumnus respectively, at Anderson's College, which became the University of Strathclyde nearly a century later.

Along the way, I also met a world-touring vocalist from the first part of the nineteenth century; and James Cuthbert Hadden, (1861–1914), whom Wikipedia describes as 'a prolific Scottish author, journalist, biographer and organist'.  Prolific?  You're not kidding!

But I digress.  My latest paper weighs in at 4,000 words.  It's just about finished, apart from waiting for a book to come from Amazon.  I need to know whether my 'new friend' Colin Brown was responsible for it, and the only way of establishing this was to order a second-hand copy and see if the introduction mentions where he was from.  I found a snippet of a review on Google Books, which at least assured me that it did have an introduction.  Ooh, I do hope it comes tomorrow!

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