Sunday, 8 April 2012

Word-counts: 110K (or thereabouts)

I've revised my book manuscript.  My maximum word-count is 110K and I've got 110,006.  Subtract the 'blurb' and I've got just enough to do my illustration captions, I reckon.

Job done?  Well, I'm certainly getting there.  There's still the question of deciding where the illustrations go, once I've received the digital images, not to mention thinking about indexing terms.  I now have three weeks left.  I'd better go over the submission instructions again, to make sure I obey them all!

Our Ancient National Airs are nearly airborne.  Although, arguably, there's always room for improvement, I'm beginning to feel that I can't do much more to the narrative now.  

And this week I still have to finish off my 'Crowdsourcing the Celtic Bard' paper for the IAML (UK and Irl) Annual Study Weekend.  It's rather strange to be thinking about Welsh sources whilst finalising a book about Scottish song collecting.  I got totally distracted by a 'Voicing the Verse' YouTube of a Welsh scholar declaiming early narrative verse to the accompaniment of a staff being thumped on the ground, this afternoon.  It was gripping stuff - and I don't even understand Welsh!  These bards sure do get under one's skin! 

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