Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Where DID I get those words from?

No, I'm not referring to an un-sourced quotation.  (Heaven forbid!  That really would be most uncharacteristic of me.)  I'm continuing my informal listing of keywords for my future index, and I came across a paragraph that actually impressed me.  I must have been running on high-grade fuel the day I wrote that!  And for that matter, how did I come to know so many literary NAMES?  I've often joked that I know more dead Edinburgh folk than living ones.  Looking at my list, it's absolutely true!  Dozens of 18th and 19th century people from all over Scotland,and a good few from beyond the Scottish Borders.

All is right with the world today: my kind friend Daniel Dalet (we've never met, but he has been so helpful and generous in preparing my Scotland map for me) has inserted the names of Skye, Raasay, Scalpay and Stirling, and the map now provides the full context for my discussion of Alexander Campbell's tour round the Hebrides in 1815.

 Daniel hosts a fantastic resource called D-maps.com, which I'd commend to anyone needing a map for a book.  It's a really useful website!

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