Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Very little progress

 On the Virtue of Patience

I can't make much fuss about having revised a mere 13 pages this evening.  It's rather disappointing, really.  However, it has been a special day - the Prodigal Son returned from uni.  Not only the son, but also the fabulous Benslow Trust cello, which I hadn't seen before.

He humoured me by playing through my 'Alexander Campbell's Hebridean Suite' with me - my arrangement for flute, viola and cello of five Albyn's Anthology tunes.  Quite effective, really.  For me, my research is most fruitful when there's a creative, contemporary outcome.

Similarly, I was overjoyed last night to learn that my James Simpson research of a decade ago is proving of value in an undergraduate honours dissertation at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where I work.  He wants to make use of the material - flute tunes etc - in a contemporary context. I practically clapped with glee to get a completely unsolicited validation of my own philosophy.

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