Sunday, 22 April 2012

Still counting down! Book ms gets posted on Friday

I've added a countdown timer from  All harmless fun.

Last night I checked my images.  All good, but one needs re-doing: it's missing the vital word "Scots" at the top of the image, and that's the whole point of the book.  Moreover, I seem to have omitted four place-names from my map, and that's a bit embarrassing!

Today,  I've seen a wedding couple about organ music, and re-jigged a powerpoint for my Musica Scotica conference paper next Saturday.   I've emailed my commissioning editor with a few practical queries.  And I've sorted out WHERE in the book the images are to go.  (Would you believe it could take a whole evening, up to nearly midnight, to do that?)  There's a wee formatting glitch which means I don't have page-references from the 'List of Illustrations' to the illustrations themselves, and I'm afraid I'll have to leave that to the editorial team.   I still need to improve some of the image filenames, and ensure they get a mention in the text.  And look for more index terms.

Do I need to take a day's annual leave to tie up loose ends, though?  To be discussed!

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