Monday, 9 April 2012

Once upon a time, 25 years ago,

This person had an unfinished PhD in 1987 - twenty-five years ago today.

But this one finished a completely different PhD in 2009.  And has a book manuscript about to be submitted in 2012.  Her three sons don't quite understand why she's so determined ...  it's because she doesn't want to attend her book-launch looking like this!

It's been a strange day today.  I've cooked and baked.  I tried to resist doing laundry (bank holiday + silver wedding anniversary should equate to no laundry, surely!) - but failed on that count.  However, we went out as a family for a fabulous meal, so the special day has been well and truly commemorated.  (In the same dress, I might add.)

And I've started listing indexing terms, to make the job of indexing the pdf a little quicker when the time comes.  Actually, it's a bit like being given permission to do the most extreme cataloguing possible, as one tries to pick up every term that anyone might care to search on.  The only trouble is, some threads run throughout the book.  So, for example, indexing "Authenticity" or "Accompaniment", is rather futile.  Even "fakery" or "metaphor" are going to take the hapless reader to an entire chapter in each case.  Still, I'll compile my list, and see what happens when the publisher sends me the pdf for indexing.

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