Monday, 2 April 2012

New Friends at the Glasgow Highland Club

 The Alexander Campbell Show

I was the guest speaker at the Glasgow Highland Club this evening.  I sallied forth with my two Adler baroque recorders, Albyn's Anthology and a USB stick, and found that the High School of Glasgow's Pavilion had an excellent grand piano for the examples I'd chosen to illustrate in harmonised form. Bliss!

There was a good turnout, and what a lovely audience they proved to be!  People were very complimentary afterwards, too.  I do enjoy talking about Alexander Campbell's 1200-mile trip round the Hebrides.  The story lends itself to telling, and musical illustrations are easy to incorporate.  Likewise suitable images.  I'm wondering about seeing if I could find a storytelling day-course to attend sometime.  There might be further tricks of the trade I could incorporate ...

Campbell's story features in Chapter 3 of my book, Our Ancient National Airs.  Must remember to add the Highland Club of Glasgow to my list of people and organisations who've expressed an interest in the book.  (Must also get on with the final revisions tomorrow night.  But not tonight.)

Alexander Campbell was grateful for a 'bumper' of a clergyman's best 'conniack' [sic] at the end of a long night.  He was on a Hebridean Island and wasn't driving!  I'll have a celebratory G+T at supper-time.  Cementing our rapport across the centuries, you could say!

Wee treat to self from M and S!
Even the most earnest bluestocking can get mildly excited at the thought of having an excuse for a new outfit.  So, forgive me the digression - I bought this at lunchtime as a wee treat for myself, to wear to the Alexander Campbell show.

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