Monday, 23 April 2012

Four days will see my book ms heading for London

 Spreading its wings ...

It's rather exhilharating to think that Our Ancient National Airs will be in a mail-van, train or plane to London by this time on Friday.  In Joseph Ritson's eyes, Scottish songs were like a beautiful, unspoilt peasant-girl, compared to a fine city Miss.  I can't really find much of a parallel in my pre- and post-publication book, although a colleague whose book has just been published tells me that it looks much more authoritative in its bound state than it ever did in Microsoft Word. 

Today, I've been reassured about the image which seemed to have lost the vital 'Scots' word: it hasn't.  (It was just how it turned out in the printout, but the digital image is fine.)  And the question of indexing looks hopeful.  I still need to sort out my omission of Skye, Raasay and Scalpay from the map - oh, they're there all right, but I omitted to label them!

Most significantly, I've now labelled where all the images should go, and renamed the images so that they make sense to the publisher.  This was all more fiddly than I'd expected; total consistency is crucial, and I had to ensure there was reference to the images in the text.  I hadn't expected to be making changes in the text this week.

I've booked Friday and Monday off work.  I need some calm daytime hours to get it all tied up, not to mention Monday to get over the efforts of the past few months!  I'm conscious I have no idea of what comes next, in book-publishing terms.  I've published scholarly and non-scholarly articles, not to mention a quantity of magazine short-stories and even a serial, but this is my first book.

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