Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Final Countdown

Ancient National Airs

My book manuscript has to be at the publishers' by Monday 30th April, so by my calculations, it needs to be posted next Friday.  Seven days - this is the final countdown!

Today, I bought paper and ink (I should have enough already, but the PhD submission process taught me never to underestimate your requirements!) - and two USB sticks.  Tonight I'm going to look at my images and pay the copying/rights invoice, which mercifully came in much less than I'd dreaded.  Thanks, Glasgow Uni!

Tomorrow - back to the manuscript.

I'm reading a paper at the Musica Scotica conference in Glasgow next Saturday.  By then, I want to be able to say the magic words,

'... and my manuscript is in the post to the publishers.'
Just seven days. Starting from now ...

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