Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Writer's Weekend

Edinburgh Uni - no musical ghosts
 I sought my imaginary friends at every turn on my walk between Edinburgh Waverley and the Uni Library on Friday.  No trace of them. My Victorian Scots music collectors are shy of modern technology.  Ah, well.

After an early night, Saturday dawned.  Time for some author maintenance - a trip to the optician in the morning, and a concert at night.  Hairdresser booked for next weekend, so I'll be presentable for my Glasgow Highland Club engagement to talk about Alexander Campbell's Hebridean tour.

The clocks went forward today, which prompted a search for "Up in the morning early" ("Up in the morning's no' for me", otherwise known as "Cauld blaws the wind frae north to south").  A few tweets later and I had a link to Concerto Caledonia's rendition, which is fabulous.

This afternoon, I had to write a book review for the Library Review journal.  Not so much an avoidance tactic for my own book, as a necessity, if I wanted to make the deadline.  Ah, the bliss of a clear conscience!  But mine will be the book being reviewed, this time next year, and that will be a strange feeling. 

My new friend Daniel, the French cartographer, has drawn a lovely map for my book; the images are on order from the Uni Library; and I just need to send a link to my editor for the image that WAS going to be on the cover but is now going to be inside.  Things are making progress.  Exciting!

POSTSCRIPT.  I resolved to get a chapter revised tonight, and promised myself to put in a bit of practice with my new recorders prior to the Alexander Campbell show. Such are the 'best-made plans of mice and men' (crikey, I nearly footnoted that!; must reference my sources), that I have reached 22.13 and I cannot think another coherent thought tonight.  I think I've addressed everything I need to address in Chapter 7, but I really need to go over it one more time. But not this time!  No recorders, either - it's too late.

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