Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Truly professional writer

 A website?!

I think, when Writing Magazine tells me to have a proper website, they probably don't mean a work-in-progress report by blog.  A real professional website for yours truly?  I never imagined I'd come to this.  Perhaps I'll wait until I've submitted the revised manuscript to Ashgate before I take that next step, though.

Our Ancient National Airs

So, where were we before I succumbed to the Man-flu? Ah, yes - the quest for images and a map.  Well, there's small progress on both fronts.  Remember I found a fabulous image for the cover?  I've now asked for a quote for a licence to use it INSIDE the book rather than outside.   As for the map - friends did their best to help, but the best suggestion came from the map department at Glasgow University Library.  I'm now liaising with a French cartographer.  Watch this space, on both counts.  We're getting closer to solutions.

 Developing a voice: lecturing

Feeling as though I'm drowning slightly,  my head bobs above water again now I've got tomorrow's Scottish music lecture finalised.  The second of five.  It was actually the one I was most bothered about, but I think it'll pass muster.  An overview of Scottish music in 55 minutes?  Sure, I can do that, musical examples and all.

And that leaves me half an hour or so to start thinking about Chapter 7 revisions.  Look at me, I'm airborne!

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