Tuesday, 27 March 2012

No ink, and I twirl to a halt like a child's spinning top

It has been another evening of lecture preparation.  I compiled a list of "Databases for detailed music queries".  And found notes for a previous lecture, which I plundered and rearranged.  Finalised the powerpoint and got that printed out.  Decided which musical examples to play on the piano.

And then, and then.  No more black ink, oh bother.  

Worse, I know Beethoven's 'Johnie Cope' [sic] may not have been one of those he did for George Thomson, but I don't have details of where it did originate.  I'll have to check.

 Spinning top

As I commented to a friend just now, it's tricky being one thing full-time all day, then being something else at night.  Librarian turns lecturer/author.  No wonder I'm twirling!

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