Friday, 9 March 2012

Image conscious author

Off I trotted to the University Library today.  A whole day's annual leave, and the chance to be just one person for the day - an author.  (It was odd being just a visitor to the library, rather than a postgrad.)

Boy, did I work hard?!  I was calling up all my old imaginary friends' books, and examining them for usable images.  Then filling in the application forms for images to be made.  One double-sided form per image - it took ages.  But then again, the whole point is (a) to save me the effort of trying to make really top-quality images myself, and (b), because I don't actually have access to the images for most of them in any case.  No choice, then.

After that, I attended a presentation at a workshop on metaphors and stuff.  A bit of an eye-opener, that.  They're codifying millions of metaphors.  I've codified tunes in the past.  But I'm not codifying my natural metaphors in the same way, when it comes to early nineteenth century Celtic song-collecting.  Who would have thought there were so many different ways of looking at metaphors?  I suppose I might have guessed; after all, we look at music in so many different ways.  And I loved hearing different speakers talking about words.  They were good with words themselves.

Fleetingly home again, I fed the remaining teen (one's at uni, and the next one was out and about), then took him for his music lesson.  (I was so tired I fell asleep waiting in the car for him.)

And then back to searching Scran for images.  I'm down to a shortlist of half-a-dozen for the cover image.  I haven't yet found a nice simple, early 19th century pen-and-ink or etched map of the Western Isles, but I'll search Scran before I look further.  Anyone of your acquaintance specialise in old maps?

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