Thursday, 22 March 2012

Author's grand plan: ambitions and reality


I suppose I might have guessed that drawing up a plan at the New Year was probably tempting fate, but readers of this blog will concede that I was, in fact, ahead of schedule at times.  Until two completely different situations intervened: I was offered the opportunity to do some lecturing (over and above the librarian 9-5 day-job); and we were smitten by man-flu.  Two weeks for the spouse and two boys, and now ten days for me.  And I simply couldn't resist the lecturing opportunity, so I now had five lectures to prepare for, the first two whilst the house was consumed by man-flu.


In the weeks between 5 March and 2 April, I'd planned to revise chapters 6-8 and the bibliography.  (And, by implication, my appendices, though I omitted to list them back in January!)  The idea was that I'd then have four weeks in hand for double-checking footnotes and other footery details (that's a Scottish word), and possibly be able to submit the manuscript early.

Four weeks for three chapters and a bibliography.  But - here I am two and a half weeks through the four, and I've revised ONE chapter.  In my own defence, I've sourced all my images, filled in licence applications, and now got a great free map from the lovely French cartographer Daniel at D-maps.
Things could certainly be worse.

Well, here I am with eleven days left on my self-imposed schedule.  I did make a start on revising Chapter 7 this morning, before delivering Lecture no.2.  I just have to strengthen my resolve to get on with it over the weekend.


Oh yes, and I forgot to mention - there's one conference paper to write, one to revise, the Alexander Campbell show to run through, and the possibility of re-running it a couple more times for a couple of other groups.  Yikes!  A "can-do" attitude can lead to overload!

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