Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Author takes a night off in search of fresh inspiration

I went and heard our Scottish music students' concert this evening.  Having polished off a chapter last night, I felt I deserved an evening off.  And it was lovely - just what I needed.  One of the singers helped me out with sung examples in a lecture a couple of years ago.  Her voice was good then - how it has matured, though!  Wow.

Quite apart from having a couple more chapters, appendices and a bibliography to check, my pressing concerns now are visual ones: I need images, and a contemporary map.  I'm coming round to thinking that it'll be easier to pay for them than try to take digital photos and spend ages attempting to become an image expert.  I do words - that's my speciality!

Then there's going to be the indexing.  Apart from the mechanics of indexing a pdf (with some detailed instructions provided), it's not too daunting apart from the sheer size of the thing.  Ah well.  Librarians are used to repetitive tasks - I should be okay there!

I also want to start thinking where to advertise this book.  Yes, the publishers do it.  But any suggestions I can give, will be useful.  Any conferences, magazines, journals ... any ideas, anyone?  Promoting a book on Scottish song-collecting?

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