Monday, 26 March 2012

The author speaks

Book deadline - but even closer lecture deadline!

Ritson - Scotish Songs
Despite having a deadline for my book submission, I have other pressing engagements with their own deadlines.  This evening was devoted to devising a PowerPoint for Lecture 3 in my series on Scottish music for Strathclyde University's music students.  This one's about eighteenth century Scottish music. The nice thing about lecturing is that it keeps the basic subject matter fresh in one's mind.  And whatever you think about PowerPoint, I 'm grateful that it enables me to speak without holding a sheaf of notes in my hand - that's a definite advantage.  (I did try devising Prezi presentations some months ago, but I couldn't get to grips with zooming in, out and across the screen without lurching like a seasick landlubber.)

The database geek

This evening, I was also reminded how very much I appreciate  If you have access to it, search for Jig and Stumpie - an audio clip of a couple of bagpipe tunes from Joseph and Patrick McDonald's Highland Vocal Airs.  Great fun!

McDonald - Jig and Stumpie
Now, all I need are a couple more examples to play, and Bob's my uncle.  Let's see ...

* Scottish Cultural Resource Access Network

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