Friday, 30 March 2012

And sometimes life has a way of stopping you in your tracks


By yesterday afternoon, I couldn't decide if I was a consumptive Victorian heroine or a moth which had got too close to the flame.  All I knew was that I felt ghastly and was either severely post-viral or plain burnt-out.  So Dr Clever-Clogs made her apologies at work and sidled, coughing, off home to bed, not perchance to dream, but at least to drift in and out of sleep for a few hours.  My symptoms perplexed the GP this morning, but I've coughed less today, so maybe I'm on the mend, regardless.


How is the book revision going?, I hear you ask.  Isn't that the purpose of this blog?  You're absolutely right.  I confess I've spent rather a lot of 'spare' time preparing lecture notes this week.  And I did deliver the lecture to a select few (two) yesterday morning!  It's a bit disconcerting to find your 'lecture' could have been a tutorial.

This weekend, I have to revise a talk for the Glasgow Highland Club, play for a wedding, two church services and a Palm Sunday concert.  Nonetheless, if I can find a chunk of time for book revision, I shall put it to good use.  Just one more chapter and the appendices and bibliography, then I've been right through it once.  Which I had intended to achieve by 2nd April, so I'm not far out.

Beautiful descant and treble
Oh, I did do one useful small task before my lecture yesterday: I listed as many potentially-interested organisations as I could, for the publisher's publicity team.  Their author's pack mentions something about this, so I decided to start my list.  I'm sure I will think of more, but at least there's now the beginning of a list on a page in my jotter.

Right.  I'm going to practise musical examples on my new recorders, which are getting their inaugural outing at the Glasgow Highland Club lecture.

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