Sunday, 4 March 2012

Ah, alchemy!

Why, you might ask, would a musicologist get interested in the practice of alchemy?  Not that I've got the test-tubes out ... but if my SONG collectors allude to it, then presumably it's to convey a sense of antiquity, the 'times of yore' and all that.  In metaphorical terms, alchemy as vehicle, and antiquity as ground.

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I was merely rearranging subsections in Chapter 5 (it's okay - I promised myself I would move onto Chapter 6 tomorrow, and I shall!), when I realised that alchemical references appeared in another quotation as well as the ones I'd identified earlier.  Plainly this meant I had to clump the references together - and find something a bit more profound to say about them.

You know, the rest of today looks busy.  Morning worship (I'm an organist) - then finish with Chapter 5. Additionally, start drafting the outline for a series of lectures, and get my bag packed for tomorrow's music librarianship London meeting.  And all the while, the siren voices of my True Imaginary Friends are niggling at the back of my mind:-  

Come back to us, think about us, we've got more to tell you yet ...

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