Sunday, 12 February 2012

What have I DONE this weekend?!

Nice healthy swim
I drowned in domesticity this weekend.  All the usual stuff - no need to list it here.  I even fitted in a nice healthy 30 lengths at the local pool, without drowning.

Alas, I don't seem to have done much (anything?) on Chapter 5.  I did a couple of revisions that I'd flagged up on Friday.  I've spent an hour tidying up papers and notes.  And last night I thought I had a brainwave, so I tried to follow it through.  And tried again this evening.  Suffice to say that it wasn't much of a brainwave after all.  It could be, I grant you, but to make it a genuine brainwave would entail at least ...
  • Sourcing as many early volumes of Moore's Irish Melodies as a 9-5 worker can access in Glasgow
  • Looking at all six volumes of R A Smith's Scotish Minstrel again (similar constraints)
  • Looking at Jones' Welsh Musical and Poetical Relicks and subsequent Bardic Museum, in depth (ditto)
Sitting at the piano for an hour or two, with a later compilation of Moore, and a couple of songs each from the other books, was insufficient.  Similarly listening to some Moore CDs.  Moreover, whilst I love Moore's Irish Melodies with a passion that surprises me, if I hear another high-pitched soprano singing in the register an octave above middle C tonight, I shall scream.   Wherever you are, dear reader, you'd probably hear me, but I've taken steps to obviate this.  The CD player has been unplugged.

So much for the brainwave.  I sense a conference paper there, but not in the immediate future.  Meanwhile, back to the chapter.  I think I'll read through what I've written, carefully.  And put my pile of reading in chronological order so I can skim them without risking backward references to things I haven't yet seen.  

Our dinner guest bought Chardonnay.  What's left, is in the fridge.  Might be an incentive to get on with the chapter for an hour or so, first?

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