Monday, 13 February 2012

True Imaginary Friends nearly got me into hot water this morning

There I was, innocently eating a solitary breakfast (it's the mid-term break and everyone else was in bed) - when - BOOM! - an unsolicited Bright Idea shot into my head.  Suddenly,  I'm at the laptop, mini-Weetabix to one side, hastily typing away this bijou little insight of mine.  So I only just had time for a shower, if I was going to get to work on time.  Thanks, Ladies Morgan and Nairne.  True friends, as I've been saying.  I made it on time, anyway, and no thanks to the Subway for not having a single ticket machine OR credit-card machine in operation.

Anyway, that was it until I got back from the colloquium this evening.  Back to Chapter 5, where I got the new paragraph comparing Ladies M & N, into the appropriate place, and then to Chapter 4 to clarify another point that had been preying on my mind.  Well, I say 'clarify'.  Actually, what I did was confess that the authorship of certain prefaces wasn't as clear-cut as one would think.  Authorial honesty is a great thing.  (I would ask Lady N to back me up, but she's in no position to do so, and I won't ask her to compromise her already compromised position.)

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