Sunday, 26 February 2012

There's more to a book than words

 Files, footers and photos

I had a little panic earlier today when my Chapter 5 headers and footers parted company with the earlier and later parts of the book manuscript.  Fortunately, I remembered about inserting section breaks, and rectified the situation without losing either my cool or my chapter!

So far, so good.  But I think I must have had too much caffeine today.  I spent the afternoon feeling decidedly strange.  Luckily a good roast turkey dinner restored my sangfroid, and a nice postprandial nap did the rest.  

Haven't mastered the art of a good close-up picture yet!
Bouncing back up again, it felt like time to brave the new DSLR, to see if I could get photos from the camera to the laptop.  (This could save me having to ask for one or two images from other libraries, if I can get good enough images.  Watch this space.)  I did transfer the images.  I don't think I've found the best way to photograph printed matter yet, though. See what I mean about there being more to a book than words?!

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