Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Formatting fun and frolics tonight!

Did I say I'd sorted the headers and footers?  I had, dear reader, I had!  But last night the table of contents wouldn't update.  I wouldn't say I retired to bed crushed, exactly, but I was a tad irritated.

This evening, I went to Blockbuster and Asda.  Walking back through the car-park at Asda, I was thinking about Library Thing, and whether I could call myself an author yet.  (I am; but neither scholarly articles nor magazine fiction is really what they mean.)

Back at the laptop, there ensued a battle between me, the table of contents, and the table of figures.  The table of figures was exceedingly uncooperative.  I would like to think I've won, but we'll check again tomorrow, shall we?!  (And this is being an author?  All part and parcel of the process ...)

And no other editing transpired.  Ah, well.

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