Friday, 3 February 2012

Quite satisfied with Chapter 3: now preparation for transplant!

A re-reading of Chapter 3 tonight led to a few miniscule improvements, but I must confess I'm quite satisfied with it.  I think I've done justice to my old friend Alexander Campbell, and acknowledged where James Hogg and Walter Scott helped him out. 

Supermarket trip out of the way this evening, I can now devote Saturday and much of Sunday to the careful perusal of Chapter 4 to reduce it to a series of headings.  We're coming to the transplantation of a new Chapter 5, so obviously the patient has to be prepared for the operation!  The transplant needs a little work, too - that's the more challenging aspect.  Let's hope my written style hasn't changed.

Anyway, I've allowed myself the next four weeks for this stage, so I should be able to proceed delicately and carefully.  Gloves on, pass me my scalpel ...

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