Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Just a little excited: Chapter 5 first draft!

 Which many a bard had chanted many a day

Boy, have I worked the past few days!  I've spent the best part of the weekend researching prior to writing, and took two days' annual leave (yesterday and today), so that I could concentrate on chapter 5 of my book.  This was the new chapter, which was being built using an unpublished paper as a launchpad.

I'm happy to say that it worked.  I have a first draft!

There is a moral to be learned, though.  (If I ever write another book, I'm sure this insight will be useful.)  Never, ever assume that if you have an unpublished paper, it will just meekly lie down and let you cut it open, perform minor surgery and stitch it up again. It won't.

I knew I'd need to do corrections, and improve dodgy passages.  (Call that a spot of liposuction and the odd implant.)  I suspected I might need to move things around a bit.  However, I didn't realise that the patient would end up having a triple bypass and a multi-organ transplant.

Note, this is just the first draft.  I still want to do the pile of reading that I haven't yet got round to.  If it prompts me to do any changes, at least I'll be changing something concrete.  I do have plenty of time in hand.  According to my schedule, I had a month to revise Chapter 4 and turn the unpublished paper into Chapter 5.  I'm so far ahead of schedule that I'm just two days into that month.  Looking hopeful.

Maybe I can even award myself the rest of the evening off.  Heaven forbid! That'd be a first...

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