Sunday, 5 February 2012

I know there's a chapter in there - just not this one

Museum of Modern Art, with thanks
You know how you sometimes drive into a new town, or housing estate, and you know your friend lives there - but their map bears no resemblance to the roads you're driving on?

That's where I'm at.  I thought Chapter 5 was basically going to be the metaphors paper I had authored a couple of years ago.  And some of it certainly is.  But Chapter 5 is NOT that paper.  I've moved on; the paper is very clearly something from an earlier iteration of my thinking.

Rather than merely reducing Chapter 4 to headings and then working on turning a paper into Chapter 5, I have to reduce both Chapter 4 AND the paper into headings, compare and remove duplication, work out what's worth keeping, and then devise a structure for Chapter 5, incorporating parts of the paper, but also admitting a substantial amount of new material.  Yikes.

AND there's a mountain of reading that other folk have suggested.  Six books piled high, and a seventh* in the lounge.  Maybe I won't be writing today.  Just note-taking.  Sigh!

* By a rather nice coincidence, which I'm sure Sir Walter Scott would have approved, I found my late Father-in-law's copy of Waverley in the attic.  (It had been a Sunday School prize in January 1914.)   I never met Bill McAulay - but he'd surely have been surprised to know that his prize was being used in the writing of a book on Scottish song collecting, 98 years later.

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