Thursday, 23 February 2012

I bought a couple of books ...

I had a free night tonight - well, I say 'free', but it wasn't really free at all.  (There was the emergency dash to Sainsbury's, for a start.)

Home I came.  Sorted out domesticities.  Sorted out papers.  And thought about the author of an interesting article in THE last week.  That led me to thinking about American universities, which made me think about rhetoric again, which seems to be taught more in the US than the UK - though I could be totally and utterly wrong about this.  After all, I'm a musicologist, not a literary theorist.

Nonetheless, it would be useful to know more about rhetoric, wouldn't it?  So here I am, having ordered a couple of books.  Written nothing.

And what have I done for my own book today?  Sourced a potential illustration, and established that I can't instantly lay my hands on another.  Must try to source a Beethoven song as published by Thomson.  Tomorrow, maybe ....

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