Friday, 10 February 2012

Fits and starts. fanfares and shouts

Well, after the burst of activity last weekend and Tuesday/Wednesday this week, yesterday was back to the day-job, nursing a migraine.  A fraught day at work was followed by choir practice at night.  My imaginary friends were, truth to tell, perfectly happy to take a break.

Today - another tense day, it has to be said - my imaginary friends are still resting.  Mind you, as I travelled in on the subway, I spotted a couple of passages in Chapter 5 that literally cried out, "Repetition!" (the first bit) and "Come on, you can say more than that!" (the second).  I put them right in one of my tea-breaks.  So maybe I'll just type them up, and call it quits for the night.

I heard yesterday that I'd won an essay competition with the Library and Information History Group.  It was for a paper that I published in Library and Information History journal in 2010. This achievement is very satisfying - a validation of my research and my self-esteem as an author. I've been a published author for over two decades, but not - shhh! - not all of it was scholarly stuff.  By no means.  (This does mean I've got a bit more expertise at characterisation, dialogue and plot, than some of my peers -but scholarly writing tends not to need dialogue and plot quite as much as fiction does!)

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