Monday, 6 February 2012

Chapter 5 - Wandering minstrels and mournful bards

A tentative start has been made: I've written 650 words introducing Chapter 5.  But I've got to tread carefully.  I'm STARTING with the unpublished paper, but some bits need deleting, others extending, and then there are the Welsh bards who insist on getting a mention, despite the fact that this is a book about Scottish song collecting.  

Clearly, the Welsh bards need to be reminded of their place! Fascinating though they may be, they have to remain in the wings for at least most of the chapter.  But they're a pushy lot ... they'd stage a takeover bid if I let them.

And my other problem is precisely that I have written about some of this before elswhere.  But the present chapter has to be different and better.

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