Wednesday, 22 February 2012

And, taking another deep breath, she resumed her task ...

It occurs to me I need to recap for anyone who has stumbled upon this blog recently.  Because I'm really quite sane and sorted, even though I can appear off the wall at times.

I have a book contract, and the manuscript is due in at the end of April.  Since I also have a full-time job as a librarian, I have to plan my spare (musicological) time carefully.  Technically, I am supposed to have finished work on my (new) Chapter 5 by the end of this week, so I can get going on Chapters 6-8 between the 5th March and 2nd April, and that will leave me four weeks to sort out images.

In book terms, it's looking good.  I've written Chapter 5, though I have recently read a whole bucketload of commentary on nineteenth century poetry, bardic nationalism and sundry other just-about-related topics, and in the next four days I need any additional thoughts to be incorporated into the chapter.  I've even thought (a bit) about images.

So what's the problem?  Oh, nothing major.  I mean, if I can't SCAN the images to a publishable standard, I just have to pay another organisation to do them for me.  (I haven't yet learned how to get images from my digital SLR to my new laptop, which appears to be a more recent version of Windows than the SLR was designed for.)

Neither is it a problem that I've just read such a wide range of stuff that my head is reeling: eighteenth century atmospheric gases are intermingled with early nineteenth century maternal anxieties about wet-nursing (the nurses were more in touch with the balladic culture than were the upper-class mums); and then we have Tennyson's Hebrew poems, Aeolian harps, fluttering breezes with or without harps, bards ditto ... yikes, who would have thought there was so much out there!

Same alcove, but new computer now 
No; my main concern just now is that not only do I have to finish a book manuscript: I now also have to write and deliver five lectures (an absolute pleasure, despite the pressures of time); revise a paper for one conference and write a fresh one for another.  Ho-hum.  

I think it may soon be time to book a little more annual leave, for the preservation of sanity and equanimity!

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