Tuesday, 17 January 2012

This is a BOOK!

Oh, my!  I've now scoured 203 pages of my manuscript for the tell-tale "thesis" word - indeed, I even caught a "dissertation" creeping around in the undergrowth a little while ago.

However, looking on the bright side, I find that I really need to remove very little from Chapter 4 before I work on the new Chapter 5.  I'm very relieved that I do genuinely have a good chunk of new material to form the basis of the new chapter. 

Crikey - just a few sentences, and already I have romantic imagery - "creeping around in the undergrowth" and a good old Enlightenment respect for the genuine!  Have I become my thesis, or has my thesis become me?

Two and a half hours' work - I think that's enough for tonight.  Tomorrow I have the rare treat of a couple of hours studying early sources - Welsh ones, this time - at Glasgow's Mitchell Library Special Collections.  Primarily for a paper I'm giving at the IAML(UK) conference, but I'll have the magnifying glass at the ready for any metaphors that sneak up on me!

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