Monday, 23 January 2012

(Take a deep breath) ... Right, let's look at the Grand Plan again

Time to take stock.  Actually, I seem to be on target.  I've read the whole thesis through, removed all mention of "thesis", contemplated improvements, taken steps to get materials needed, and started thinking about illustrations.  (Shudder!)

And spent today's lunchbreak trying to source William Shield's two musical treatises.  1800? No problem; digitised on ECCO. 1815? Big problem.  Too late for ECCO, not on GoogleBooks or Internet Archive.  Will I have to take a half-day to go visit the Real Thing at the Uni Library?  It's just to verify a single sentence, but it matters to me ...!
  • w/c 9 Jan - Read through, ponder, get any materials needed, think about illustrations.Yes.
  • w/c 23 Jan - Here we go! On target to start seriously on revising intro & chapts 1-3.  
  • w/c 6 Feb - Weeks 5-8 for chapts 4 & new 5. 
  • w/c 5 Mar - Weeks 9-12 for chapts 6-8 & bibliog. 
  •  w/c 2 April - 4 weeks in hand. 

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