Thursday, 19 January 2012

No, I didn't

What?  No work on the book today? 

Well ... I went and collected Welsh songbook photocopies from the Mitchell Library at lunchtime.  Dual-purpose, IAML(UK & Irl) talk and perhaps informative for the gestating Chapter 5.  (Got drenched in snowy rain; shoes leaked, socks crept, and I never really warmed up all afternoon.  All in the name of Celtic song.)

And I ordered up an Inter Library Loan on Iolo Morganwg - the imaginary friend I'm dying to meet - for the same dual-purpose.

But Thursday nights are choir nights.  Do I want to start reading the thesis again at 10 pm.  Oh go on, then - you've persuaded me.  I'll just put the immersion on for a nice hot soak later.  (Christmas bubblebath is very tempting!)

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