Sunday, 22 January 2012

Life keeps getting in the way

I didn't entirely get through my weekend task this weekend. (I had five pages of comments and suggestions to work through.  I've done three and a half of them.)  Mind you, I've done shopping, laundry, cooking, sundry domesticities, and renewed the bath sealant  ...

 In order to get on with things, I leapt out of bed just after 8.30 am today, which for a Sunday - and an organist's day off to boot - is not bad.  Hastily breakfasted, dressed, washed the car (see above) ..

But NONE of this gets the book manuscript completed!  In fairness, I've spent several hours pondering suggestions for improvements, and making a few.  One innocent little "tell us more" comment led to hours of reading before I was able to "tell" the appropriate story!  I'm a little frustrated at the slow rate of progress.  A further frustration was being unable to access Dundee's Wighton Database.  Don't say they've pulled the plug on that marvellous resource!

After a relaxing afternoon being sociable, it was back to the editing after tea and a snooze.  It's strange how at 10.30 pm, I was feeling alive and fulfilled, but by 11.30 pm, I've run out of steam and have neither concentration nor an intelligent thought left in my brain.  It's probably time to stop, then ...

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  1. They have indeed, temporarily, pulled the plug on Wighton. Problems maintaining the software, and they need more funding for a new software provider/host. Oh, I do hope they get it. I now have an Excel spreadsheet of the database, and I'm VERY grateful, but I still hope Dundee will get it up and running again.