Thursday, 12 January 2012

Hey ho, hey ho, it's Iolo to go

The sans-serif font doesn't work with this Welsh name!  It's Iolo, not Lolo.  Iolo Morganwg, song collector and Welsh culture faker extraordinaire.  And now I have a problem.  This new 'imaginary friend' is distracting me from my purpose of finishing a book primarily about Scottish song collecting!

I have a short reading-list about Iolo, and I'd love to follow it all up.  I can't.  Some of it's in Welsh, for a start.  Anyway, I have to establish whether I can find any pertinent English writings by Iolo about the matters that matter to me, and devour them efficiently.  Then get back to the book.  My book.

Could any of my new-found Welsh compatriots (yes, my father came from Newport, Gwent, so although he was geographically only just Welsh, he considered himself Welsh) please tell me how to pronounce Morganwyg?  Before I make a fool of myself?  To add to my inability to speak Gaelic (though I have had a few lessons), I have to confess that I speak not one WORD of Welsh.

I see a small window of opportunity to spend half an hour making notes on Phyllis Kinney's book, so I'd better get back to it.

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