Sunday, 8 January 2012

Grand Plan

Here's the plan

Initially, I calculated that if I had 110K words, and 112 days, then I needed to edit 1000 words a day, or 7000 words a week.  But that's too mechanical, as it works out the same whether editing, overhauling or writing.

So then I came up with Plan B: 

I have 16 weeks, in which to edit 8 chapters - including a good bit of work on the new one, plus introductory stuff, and checking the bibliography:-
2 weeks commencing 9 January to read through my thesis, ponder, think about suggestions, get any materials needed, and think about illustrations.
2 weeks commencing 23 Jan: work on intro & chapts 1-3. 
4 weeks commencing 6 Feb: chapts 4 & new 5. 
4 weeks commencing 5 Mar: chapts 6-8 & bibliography.
4 weeks commencing 2 April: should have 4 weeks in hand. 

Well, does this look feasible?  Bear in mind all but the new chapter 5 are written in their entirety, and chapter 5 is in draft form, but it won't "work" until I've revised chapter 4 before it. 

Now, here's the SCARY bit: I plan to write for an hour from 6-7 am each morning.  I am categorically not a morning person.  So - watch this space!

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