Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Catching up on Welsh song-collectors

No, I cannot get up at 6 am!  Three successive mornings have confirmed that.

However, I've spent Tuesday evening and Wednesday coffee-time finishing reading Phyllis Kinney's Welsh Traditional Music, published only last year.  And this evening making notes.  This may not be directly related to my book, but my new chapter is going to draw in relevant parallels between Scottish, Irish and Welsh collections of the early 1800s, so it's quite important that I know not only what is out there, but also what's significant about it.

Kinney takes a different approach to me.  There's lots of detail and comparison between individual harp tunes and song airs, whilst I've taken more of an overview, and looked at what the compilers' attitudes tell us about literary and cultural belief.  Nonetheless, it's an excellent book, and I've been in seventh heaven when I come across Welsh collectors' compilers whose work meshes so beautifully with what "my" Scottish collectors were doing at the same time. There's one in particular that I can't WAIT to find out more about - truly exciting.

Oh, and in my lunch-break today, I put in a bit of work on my Mendeley Crowdsourcing the Celtic Bard group bibliography, updated my Tiki-Toki timeline (I have two - this is the chronology) and likewise my Crowdsourcing wiki. Because I'll need all this not only for the chapter, but also for my IAML (UK and Irl) paper.  Busy times, but fun.

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