Monday, 16 January 2012

Affectionate remembrance

Right, I've done the first skimmed read of my thesis chapter 2 now.  Expunged all references to "this thesis".  (How many words can you find to replace "thesis"?  Book, monograph, study, narrative, account.  Haven't yet found anywhere where "survey" or "analysis" can appropriately be inserted, but give me time.) 

I need to look at another ten pages tonight, to keep up to speed on this. So, farewell to James Johnson, the crusty, pernickety but likeable Joseph Ritson (you'll gather that I can't help but like the miserable old bugger!), and George Thomson, and good evening to my dear friend Alexander Campbell.  Whose descendants, I might add, must have been astounded by the amount I was able to tell them about their forefather!

All of these gentlemen would probably be no less surprised that an English working mother is actually a degree'd "Doctor", than that she went to the public baths, put on a swimsuit and swam 30 lengths before settling down to her authorial pursuits this evening.  How times have changed.

As I work, I have various active lists: the 'add to my bibliography' list on Mendeley; the 'consider using this as an illustration' list; and the 'tangental thoughts' list for distractions that I must not think about until later!

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